Spring Newsletter 2021

COVID-19 Update:

Hands, Face, Space.

Following government advice:

  • Please do not come into the surgery if you show any symptoms of COVID-19 or if you test positive
  • Please continue to cover your face whilst in the surgery
  • Please wash use the hand sanitiser located around the surgery when you touch any surface
  • Please remain socially distanced from members of staff and other patients where possible
  • Please avoid unnecessary journeys to the surgery – where possible use e-consults, telephone, or email


COVID-19 in Children and Young People:

Whilst children generally will not become significantly unwell from COVID-19 and often do not show symptoms, they are still able to catch and spread the virus. It is important that children also get tested for COVID-19 if they show any symptoms (cough, fever, change in smell or taste) and self-isolate until they either test negative or have completed 10 days of isolation.


Get the NHS App: 

The NHS App is a smart and easy tool that can be used on any smartphone or tablet. The app can be set up from home, and allows you to: 

  • Request prescriptions and medications
  • Get test results
  • Complete e-consults and book appointments
  • View your medical record (including COVID-19 vaccination records)
  • Get a range of medical advice

Using the NHS saves you time and helps us reduce the number of people coming into the surgery, to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Available for download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Vaccines Update:

The Sir Ludwig Guttmann Health and Wellbeing Centre is currently being used as one of Newham’s main vaccinating hubs. Whilst this operation is separate from the practice, we are pleased to have lent our staff to this cause. Practice staff has been working hard to ensure our eligible patients are contacted for their vaccine and our current vaccination rates are shown in the table below (based on JVCI cohort criteria):


% Vaccinated

1: Care Home Patients


2: 80+ year olds


3: 75-79 year olds


4a: 70-74 year olds


4b: Extremely clinically vulnerable adults (16-69 years old)


5: 65-69 year olds


6: High risk adults


7: 60-64 year olds


8: 55-59 year olds


9: 50-54 year olds




Who is eligible for a vaccine?

At the moment, vaccine rollout is being prioritised based on age and those clinically vulnerable to corona virus based on health conditions. Those working in health and social care are also eligible for a vaccine.

If you are eligible for a vaccine, you will be contacted, and as we move to new groups, we will contact those patients who become eligible so please be patient until this time. For more information on vaccine rollout:



Due to the ongoing pandemic, we are currently operating through e-consultations. E-consultations allow you to give details of your problems through an easy to complete online form. This information is passed onto a member of staff who will respond to your e-consultation either by phone, email, text or by booking you for a face to face appointment.

If you are having any issues with this system, please call the surgery and someone will assist you.


Meet the team:

We have recently welcomed some new members of staff to the practice.

In April 2020 we welcomed a new Practice Manager, Jess Kaur, along with two new GPs: Dr Devina Raval and Dr Henrietta Hughes.

Then in October 2020, we introduced our new GP leads: Dr Lizi Goodyear and Dr Sophie Brandon.

We also have a new Healthcare Assistant: Nazareth King and Clinical Pharmacist: Rafiat Olugbile

Finally, we have a new Social Prescriber: Ninian Schmeising-Barnes.

Two GPs are currently on Maternity Leave: Dr Leah Gorodi and Dr Mina MacDonald.




Liberty Bridge Road Practice has recently been selected to take part in a pilot study for a new self-screening tool for cervical cancer. This initiative is led by Cancer Research UK and University College London, and is designed to increase rates of cervical screening by allowing women to take their own sample which they then send off for analysis. This pilot is being rolled out across the surgery for patients due a smear test and replaces the typical smear test. For more information visit:


Doctors of the World:

Liberty Bridge Road Practice has recently registered as a Doctors of the World. This means we are committing towards ensuring primary care is accessible to all members of our community. This includes simplifying the registration process, accepting patients regardless of their legal status, documents or ID and having translation services to communicate with patients.


Veteran Friendly Practice:

Liberty Bridge Road Surgery has also recently become a Veteran Friendly Practice which means we are dedicated to ensuring veterans are recognised and accounted for within general practice. Members of practice staff will attend specific training enabling them to understand the unique health challenges faced by veterans and how best to treat them. 


Partnering with the British Red Cross Hardship Fund:

Liberty Bridge Road has recently partnered with the British Red Cross on an initiative to support those living in times of hardship. This partnership allows staff to refer patients to a scheme, where they can access cash cards loaded with up to £360 a month (for up to three months). This scheme is available for patients unable to access any other government entitlements e.g. benefits who are struggling to buy basic items such as food, accommodation, and clothing.


Join our PPG:

If you would like to share your experiences or help us improve our service at the practice, sign up at

Our next meeting to be held virtually on 19th April 2021 at 6pm. To attend, please sign up via the Liberty Bridge Road Website, and you will be sent a link to join.


Speak to the Manager:

If you would like to talk to Jess about your experiences at the practice, please email: Jess will do her best to call you back within the week at a time that suits you.

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